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We are busy planning the program for CXBank$ 2020. Don't leave without joining the network. It's free to join. Our new website will be available soon. Meanwhile we'll keep you posted on exciting program developments as they are finalised.


CXBank$ will return in 2020

In 2020 CXBank$ will discuss the intersection of financial abuse, domestic and family violence, mental health and the impact of intergenerational trauma. We shift from a focus of awareness to accountability. Every person is significant.

Financial wellbeing impacts every sphere of life. CX Bank$ (CX = customer experience) is an online gathering that provides a unique opportunity for consumers, DV survivors, advocates, mental health professionals and the finance sector to come together working to make financial safety a right for everyone.

CXBank$ takes the format of an arts, conference and healing online gathering. We work to encourage a whole of community solution, to help business understand the impact on human health within the framework of the social determinants of health. Recovery from DV and Financial Abuse must become a focus for the community.

Improved financial safety and ethical applications within the banking, insurance and financial sectors is everyone's responsibility. 


Our Schedule

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10 AM

Panel #1 Discussion

How is the banking, insurance and finance sector assisting those impacted from Financial Abuse recover and is it an adequate response to the scale of the issue?

12 PM

Panel #2 Discussion

What discussions and processes need to take place within systems and structures about the ethical application of AI to ensure it aides recovery and we adopt a do no harm approach?

2 PM

Panel #3 Discussion
Climate Change

What is the impact of Climate Change on those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, Financial Abuse and Mental Health?

Our Speakers In 2020

Movers & Shakers

Our speakers are all activists and influencers in either the Mental Health, Family and Domestic Abuse or Financial Services Sector. Check out their bios below to learn more, and make sure to save your spot by registering today. It's online and free to attend.


Ingrid Ozols AM

Moderator, Managing Director Mental Health @ Work

Tracy McCleod Howe

CEO - Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS)

Cathy Oddie

Family Violence Advocate, Financial Wellbeing For Women

Janine Jackson

National Director, Frontier Services

Belinda Neil

Fearless Board Director & Former Police Inspector

Vicky Moriarty

GP Leadership Development

Kathie Melocco

WOW - World Of Work Chaplaincy

Marion Mays

Founder -Thalia Stanely Group

Denele Crozier AM

CEO Women's Health NSW

Sue Murray

CEO Zero Suicide Institute Of Australasia

Jane Matts


Rachael Natoli

CEO Lokahi Foundation

Dixie Link-Gordon

Founding CEO member 

of the Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Womens Corporation

Lisa McAdams

CEO Safe Space Workplace

Rebecca Lee

Senior Policy Advisor Beyond Blue

Rebecca Glenn

Sightlines Associate, Economic Wellbeing Domestic Violence Service Management

Mel Wojtas

Social Entrepreneur

Nicole Lee

Victim Survivors Advisory Council

Christine Morgan

 CEO National Mental Health Comission

Helen Steel

CEO Shared Value Project

Sangeeta Venkatesan

Executive Chairman FairVine Super

Dr. Nicola Sharp

CEO Surviving Economic Abuse

Amani Haydar

Artist, Lawyer, Family Violence Survivor

Jozica Kutin

Academic and Money Love Lab Curator

Margo Lydon

CEO Superfriend

Angela Kim

WAI Ambassador Education, For Australia

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon

Ambassador For ASIC's moneysmart.gov.au

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