Janine Jackson

National Director, Frontier Services

Jannine Jackson is a fundraising innovator and a community-capacity builder. Her career spans 16 years in the NFP health, community services and support sectors.

She has held senior leadership positions at the McGrath Foundation, Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW, the Australian Red Cross, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Mission Australia.

As national director of Frontier Services, Jannine is charged with growing and extending the support services the organisation provides to remote and regional Australian farmers, families, and communities.

The decline of regional and remote towns, extreme weather events of drought, fire and flood, and a growing sense of social isolation, have highlighted the desperate need for support services in the bush. Through her leadership of Frontier Services, Jannine is uniquely placed to share her insights about the social fabric of remote communities, the challenges of social isolation, and the vital need for support services and human connections.

Frontier Services has been standing with people in the bush since 1912. An agency of the Uniting Church, the organisation was founded by John Flynn, the iconic Australian who graces our $20 note. Frontier Services funds a team of bush chaplains who are on-the-ground visiting remote properties and communities to lend an ear, offer a helping hand, and forge a caring connection. In many parts of Australia, Frontier Services are the only support service to visit. Frontier Services also administers the Outback Links program connecting city and corporate volunteers to people in the bush who need a practical hand up.


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