Jane Matts


Jane Matts is a survivor of family abuse and is on a mission. She wants to ensure women and children are safe in their own homes.

Jane is currently study for a law degree with the determination of a survivor warrior. She says. “If you can’t beat them, change them. I want to ensure we rethink unsafe systems’.

Separately, Jane’s DV volunteer advocacy service through “Lift” is focused on helping women and children survive the often ‘maze like’ post abuse chaos and trauma and to continue to raise issues to be resolved strategically and tactically.

Jane has assisted hundreds of women and children Australia wide to manage family law matters and the impact of domestic abuse. She acts as directory advisor, guiding the traumatised through the systems to enable at least their voice is heard.

Jane’s political activism includes lobbying Federal and State politicians over a number of years to recognise serious gaps in policy and operational deficiencies as it relates to violence centred events. Jane uses her personal experience to explain complex system issues in a succinct way. She hopes to be involved in more positive people focused solutions to family abuse, especially at a government policy level.

To feed herself and her family, Jane is also a business consultant currently working on accessibility to the NDIS for those with a psycho-social disability.

The common theme throughout the target audience she helps is trauma and the failure of systems to support people effectively.

Jane previously spent 15 years in the Banking System working for the Big Four on various transformational projects.


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