Dixie Link-Gordon

Founding CEO member 

of the Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Womens Corporation

Dixie is a proud and resourceful Gurang Gurang Woman from South East Queensland having moved to the inner city of Redfern in 1980. Dixie has earned the respect of the local and broader indigenous community through her work as a domestic violence educator and advocate across New South Wales.

Dixie is a strong advocate for Indigenous women and families and is the and Founding CEO Member of the Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Womens Corporation. A recognised leader in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, Dixie has received awards and accolades for work to deliver culturally appropriate services and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. 


Awards and accolades

·       Awarded Adjunct Senior Lecturer UNSW 2018

·       Nominated for NSW Justice Medal, NSW Law Foundation 2017

·       Gowland Domestic Violence Award, 2016

·       Bright Spark Award, 2015

·       Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council Community Worker Award, 2012

·       UTS Alumni Human Rights Recipient for My commitment to Aboriginal Communities Awareness & Prevention in Family Violence 2010

·       Manager and Co-creator of “Healthy Family Circle” Program Federal Government award winning program for good Practice for Families 2009.

·       Edna Ryan Award 2008

·       Domestic Convenor of the community driven “Blackout Violence Campaign” NSW State Award winner for Community VAW 2004


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