Denele Crozier AM

CEO Women's Health NSW

Denele Crozier is currently the CEO of Women’s Health NSW – the peak body for 21 community Women’s Health Centres located across NSW.   She has a 37 year history of working in community non-government services, participating in many government, non-government and community groups and has specialised in understanding, advocating and promoting women’s health needs from a social view of health and an understanding of the effects of gender on health and health outcomes.

Her current committee work includes organisations (and departments) that operate to address social justice through a range of strategies including: direct service provision, enhancement of community capacity, government policy and program development, influencing budget priorities and legislative change to improve public policy and practice.

Ms Crozier is currently on a variety of Boards and Councils including the Australian Women’s Health Network, Women’s Legal Service NSW, NSW FGM Education Program Advisory Committee, Domestic Violence NSW and NSW Women’s Alliance Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. She has also been appointed to the Ministry of Health NGO Advisory Committee

January 2017 Denele Crozier was recognized in the Australian honours list awarded as a Member of the Order of Australia for her significant service to community, particularly women’s health, social welfare & legal assistance services.

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